Fish Passage Operations and Maintenance (FPOM) Pinniped Task Group

Policy Documents

Section 120 2012 Final Supplemental BiOp
080318 Sea Lions Authorization FINAL
080707 Corps Pinniped Policy Meeting 7-7-08
080707 FPOM Pinniped Task Group Meeting 7-7-08
2007 USACE Memo to the States re BON BRZ
070802 CRITFC Statement - 2 Aug 07
Pinniped Annual Reports
Tidwell et al 2021. SSL Hazing At Bonneville Dam
MMPA Section 120 Authorization_Bonneville Dam_Final Report
2021 Pinniped Annual Report
2020 Pinniped Annual Report
2019 Pinniped Annual Report
2018 Pinniped Annual Report
Response to comments of 2018 PMP draft report
2017 Pinniped Annual Report
Response to comments of 2017 PMP draft report
2016 Pinniped Annual Report
2015 Pinniped Annual Report
2014 Pinniped Annual Report
2013 Pinniped Annual Report
2012 Pinniped Annual Report
2011 Pinniped Annual Report
2008-2010 Pinniped Annual Report
2009 PINNIPED 2009 ANNUAL Report final
2002-2004 Pinniped Annual Report
Sea Lion - Order 89
Keefer et al. 2012 sea lion predation Bonneville et

2020 Pinniped Updates

200506 Bonneville Pinniped update

2019 Pinniped Updates

190531 Bonneville Pinniped update
190430 Bonneville Pinniped update
190331 Bonneville Pinniped update
190228 Bonneville Pinniped update
190131 Bonneville Pinniped update

2018 Pinniped Updates

181213 Bonneville Pinniped update
181015 Bonneville Pinniped update
180524 Bonneville Pinniped update
180518 Section 120 removal report
180510 Section 120 removal report
180510 Bonneville Pinniped update
180503 Section 120 removal report
180426 Section 120 removal report
180426 Bonneville pinniped update
180420 Section 120 removal report
180412 Bonneville pinniped update

2017 Pinniped Updates

170608 Bonneville pinniped update
170518 Bonneville pinniped update
170504 Bonneville pinniped update
170418 Bonneville pinniped update

2016 Pinniped Updates

2018 Sea Lion TG docs

180524 Pinniped Task Group agenda
180524 FPOM Pinniped Task Group draft minutes
180308 Pinniped Task Group agenda
180308 Pinniped Task Group final minutes

2017 Sea Lion TG docs

170209 Hazing at Bonneville Dam background considerations
2015 Sea Lion TG docs

151102 Pinniped Task Group agenda
151102 FPOM Pinniped Task Group draft meeting minutes

2014 Sea Lion TG docs
2015 NWP Pinniped Monitoring Plan

2013 Sea Lion TG docs
130918 BON Pinniped Agenda
130918 BON Pinniped Minutes Final

130613 Pinniped Task Group meeting notes
2006-12 Sea Lion Hazing Summary
A Review of Hearing by Sturgeon and Lamprey

Smith Root UMT test Documents

100421 FPOM BON UMT call audio
100421 FPOM BON UMT final minutes

100426 FPOM BON UMT call audio
100426 FPOM BON UMT final minutes

2008 Puntledge Elec Seal Deterrent Report Feb13-09
UMT study plan
UMT-Puntledge Comparison Summary
Seal Fence Report_Dec8_1
Final Minutes of BPA Sea Lion Partners Forum 1-28-09

100201 UMT study plan (revision 2 1 10 mgm)

Smith Root Electrical Field Documents

080529 Smith Root Electric seal deterrent team May29 June6-08 mtg notes
Evaluation of an Electrical Grad_001
Smith root Minutes of Sea Lion Meeting-2
Results Puntledge Study
Sea Lion Flyer
SLDD Specs

really old documents

Final Bonneville Pinniped Field Test Report 2005
020508 sealionsummary