SOR Distribution List (updated June 14, 2023) [PDF]  [MS Word]

Date SOR # Submitted by Subject Disposition
11-May-2023 SOR 2023-01 Tom Lorz, FPAC Chair Spill operations following GBT criteria exceedance D2023-01
01-June-2023 SOR 2023-02 Jonathan Ebel (Idaho Department of Fish and Game) and Jay Hesse (Nez Perce Tribe) Spill operations following GBT criteria exceedance on 30 May 2023 D2023-01
07-June-2023 SOR 2023-C1 Aja K. DeCoteau, Executive Director, CRITFC Operation of the Lower Columbia Pools for the summer 2023 Treaty Fishery D2023-C1
13-July-2023 SOR Greg Gianforte, Governor, Montana Letter DSOR
02-August-2023 SOR 2023-5 Thomas Lorz, FPAC chair Requested temporary change to Lower Granite Dam tailrace water temperature criteria to provide Dworshak summer flow augmentation through 31 August D2023-05