SOR Distribution List (updated May 4, 2022) [PDF]  [MS Word]

Date SOR # Submitted by Subject Disposition
12-January-2022 2022-1 Tom Lorz, FPAC vice-chair Clarifying the frequency of zero-generation operations of the four Lower Snake River dams D2022-1
15-March-2022 2022-2 Jonathan Ebel, FPAC Chair Operation of the Bonneville Corner Collector for Spring Creek NFH Emergency Release D2022-2
06-May-2022 2022-2 Christopher Swanson, State Supervisor, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 2022 Libby Dam Releases for Sturgeon and Bull Trout Flows D2022-2
17-May-2022 2022-4 Jonathan D. Ebel, Idaho Department of Fish and Game Palisades Powerhead Water delivery for flow augmentation in 2022 D2022-4