2013 Fish Passage Plan (FPP)

Effective March 1, 2013 - February 28, 2014

Draft 2013 Sections and Change Forms

Complete Document 01-Mar-2013
2013 Fish Passage Plan (16 mb) [PDF] 
Individual Project Sections 01-Mar-2013
Section 1 - Overview [PDF]  [MS Word]
Section 2 - Bonneville Dam [PDF]  [MS Word]
Section 3 - The Dalles Dam [PDF]  [MS Word]
Section 4 - John Day Dam. Updated Table JDA-6 on April 3, 2013. See 13JDA009 [PDF]  [MS Word]
Section 5 - McNary Dam [PDF]  [MS Word]
Section 6 - Ice Harbor Dam [PDF]  [MS Word]
Section 7 - Lower Monumental Dam [PDF]  [MS Word]
Section 8 - Little Goose Dam Updated Section 2.1.4 on June 30, 2011. See 12LGS002 Spill Operations Relocated to Appendix E [PDF]  [MS Word]
Section 9 - Lower Granite Dam [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendices 01-Mar-2013
Appendix A - Special Project Operations & Studies [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendix B - Corps of Engineeers Juvenile Fish Transportation Plan [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendix C - BPA System Load Shaping Guidelines Regarding Turbine Operation & Best Efficiency [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendix D - Operations for Non-ESA Listed Fish Species [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendix E - Fish Operations Plan (FOP) [PDF] 
Appendix F - Guidelines for Dewatering and Fish Handling (Salvage) Plans [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendix G - Protocols for Adult Fish Trapping Operations at BON, IHR and LWG [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendix H - Turbine Dewatering Procedure for Chief Joseph Dam [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendix I - Dworshak Dam Fish Protection Procedures for Turbine Maintenance [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendix J - Protocols for Juvenile Monitoring Facility Operations at Bonneville Dam [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendix K - Protocols for Smolt Monitoring Facility Operations at John Day Dam [PDF]  [MS Word]
Appendix L - Acronyms [PDF]  [MS Word]

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To propose a change to the 2013 FPP, please send a Change Form ([MS Word] ) or a modified existing Change Form to the Fish Passage Plan Coordinator.
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