DRAFT 2010 Fish Passage Plan

Proposed changes from 2009 FPP

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Section 1 Overview  
2 Bonneville Jan-2010[PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10BON_001 BON 2.5.2.tables - Approved 7-May-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10BON_002 Table BON 14 - Approved 14-May-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10BON_003 BON 2.1.2. flow requirement - Approved 22-Sep-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10BON_004 BON 5.8. high head unit ops - Approved 8-Nov-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10BON_005 removing DSM1 language - Approved 8-Nov-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10BON_006 PH1 JBS language - Approved 8-Nov-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10BON_007 Table 3 - Approved 13-Nov-2009
  [PDF]       10BON_008 5.2 - Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10BON_009 Table BON-14 - Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10BON_010 Table BON-13 - Approved 14-Jan-2010
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10BON_011 - Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10BON_012 B2CC for Kelts - Approved 13-Jan-2010
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10BON_013 2.2.3 - Approved 13-Jan-2010
  [PDF]       10BON_014 DSM2 Operations - Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10BON_015 - Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10BON_016 Table BON-19 - Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10BON_017 5.3. - Not Approved 5-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10BON_018 - Not Approved 5-Feb-2010
3 The Dalles Dec-2009 [PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10TDA_001 TD unity priority - Approved 22-Jun-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10TDA_002 shad - Approved 22-Jun-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10TDA_003 5.7 - Approved 9-Nov-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10TDA_004 Table 1 - Approved 13-Nov-2009
  [PDF]       10TDA_005 - Not Approved 5-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10TDA_006 2.1.1 - Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10TDA_007 - Not Approved 5-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10TDA_008 - Not Approved 12-Feb-2010
4 John Day Jan-2010[PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10JDA_001 shad - Approved 22-Jun-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10JDA_002 spill gate 2 closure - Approved 9-Nov-2009
  [PDF] [MS Word] 10JDA_003 Table 3 - Approved 13-Nov-2009
  [PDF]       10JDA_004 - Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10JDA_005 - Not Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10JDA_006 - Not Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10JDA_007 - Approved 12-Feb-2010
  [PDF]       10JDA_008 - Not Approved 12-Feb-2010
5 McNary Jan-2010 [PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10MCN_002 Winter Maintenance Dates Pending 8-Dec-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10MCN_003 ESBS Delay Installation Pending 6-Oct-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10MCN_004 Turbine unit priority change with elevated forebay temperatures 28-Oct-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10MCN_005 Trash Rack Cleaning Frequency Pending 4-Nov-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10MCN_006 Table MCN-1 Update 4-Nov-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10MCN_007 TSW Operations Pending 11-Jan-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10MCN_008 Remove Adult Reference in Sentence Pending 22-Jan-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10MCN_009 Turbine Unit Priority Change Amended Pending 28-Oct-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10MCN_010 Early ESBS Remvoal Pending 28-Oct-2009
6 Ice Harbor Jan-2010 [PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10IHR_001 Unit Priority (2) 5-Aug-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10IHR_002 Section 4.1.3. Min Gen 11-Jan-2010
7 Lower Monumental Jan-2010 [PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LMN_001 LOMO Turbine Prority Clarification 28-Apr-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LMN_002 LOMO Turbine Headgate and Cylinder Removal 20-Aug-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LMN_003 Spill Table Consolidation Pending 11-Jan-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LMN_004 Table LMN-1 Update 4-Nov-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LMN_005 Section 4.1.2. Min Gen 11-Jan-2010
8 Little Goose Jan-2010 [PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LGS_001 SW Crest Height Adjustment Pending 26-Oct-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LGS_002 Table LGS-1 Update 4-Nov-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LGS_004 Update LGS Table 11-Jan-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LGS_005 Section 4.1.3. Min Gen 11-Jan-2010
9 Lower Granite Jan-2010 [PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LWG_001 Summer Spill Patterns 13-Jul-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LWG_002 Table LWG-1 Update Pending 4-Nov-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LWG_003 Section 4.1.2 Min Gen 11-Jan-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10LWG_004 Unit Dates Change Typo Pending 9-Dec-2009
Appendix A Special Project Operations and Studies Jan-2010 [PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] Appendix A NWP Rev. 2010 App_A_Tackley-Eppard Draft 1 13-Jan-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] Appendix A NWW Special Project Operations and Studies 13-Jan-2010
B Corps of Engineeers Juvenile Fish Transportation Plan Apr-2009 [PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10APP_B_001 Appendix B section 3 Transportation Plan Mortality Notification 4-Nov-2009
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10APP_B_002 Temperature Gradient Thresholds 30-Oct-2009
C BPA's System Load Shaping Guidelines Regarding Turbine Operation and Best Efficiency Dec-2009 [PDF][MS Word]
D Corps of Engineers Plan of Action for Dissolved Gas Monitoring in 2010 - 2014 NWP 2010-14 [PDF][MS Word]
E Operations Relating to Project Spill for Fish Passage  
F Guidelines for Dewatering and Fish Handling Plans Apr-2010 [PDF][MS Word]
G Protocols for Adult Fish Trapping Operations at Bonneville, Ice Harbor and Lower Granite Dams Apr-2010 [PDF][MS Word]
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10APP_G_001 Numbers of Fish in Tanks 12-Jan-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10APP_G_002 Section 3.9 12-Jan-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10APP_G_003 Temperature Protocols 12-Jan-2010
changes [PDF] [MS Word] 10APP_G_004 Right to Terminate 12-Jan-2010
H Turbine Dewatering Procedure for Chief Joseph Dam Apr-2010 [PDF][MS Word]
I List of Acronyms Apr-2010 [PDF][MS Word]
J Protocols for Juvenile Monitoring Facility Operations at Bonneville Dam Nov-2009 [PDF][MS Word]
K Protocols for Smolt Monitoring Facility Operations at John Day Dam Nov-2009 [PDF][MS Word]