2001 Fish Passage Plan (Final)

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Section 1 Overview 23k
2 Bonneville 184k
3 The Dalles 2,200k
4 John Day 1,415k
5 McNary 274k
6 Ice Harbor 416k
7 Lower Monumental 96k
8 Little Goose 568k
9 Lower Granite 281k
Appendix A Special Project Operations and Studies 67k
B Juvenile Fish Transportation Plan 29k
C BPA's Load Shaping Guidelines To Enable Operating Turbines at Best Efficiency 19k
D Dissolved Gas Monitoring Program Plan of Action for 2001 316k
E Measures Related to Project Spill for Fish Passage (NMFS 2000 BiOp) 8k
F Dewatering Guidelines and Fish Handling (Salvage) Plans 12k
G Protocols for Adult Fish Trapping Operations at Bonneville Dam 26k
H List of Acronyms 16k