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NWW Guide for Project Access
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McNary Dam Guide for Access documents
Research and Fisheries Related Contractor Guide 2018
MCN Boat Restricted Zone OPN-74

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Lower Monumental Dam Guide for Access documents (unavailable)

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2014 Compliance Monitoring at MCN Final Report

150205 IHR Turbine Testing IP

LWG Sound and Vibration reports

17 LWG SoundVibration Final Post Passage Report
16 LWG SoundVibration 10042016
16 LWG SoundVibration 09272016
16 LWG SoundVibration 09202016
16 LWG SoundVibration 09132016
16 LWG SoundVibration 09062016
16 LWG SoundVibration 08302016
16 LWG SoundVibration 08232016
16 LWG SoundVibration_08162016
16 LWG SoundVibration_08092016
16 LWG SoundVibration_08022016
16 LWG SoundVibration_07262016
16 LWG SoundVibration_07192016
16 LWG SoundVibration_07122016
16 LWG SoundVibration_07052016
16 LWG SoundVibration_06292016

GRA for WFE Noise Report Details_09272016
GRA for WFE Noise Report Details_13SEP2016

16 LWG Ladder Exit Temperature - Spray Bar Operation Effect 07122016

16 LWG SoundVibration temperature_depth_AQBuoy_3m_08232016
16 LWG SoundVibration temperature_depth_AQBuoy_0.5m_08232016