McNary Dam Memos of Coordination (MOCs) and Memos For the Record (MFRs)

2020 MOCs and MFRs
20 MCN 01 Fish loss in OR ladder

2019 MOCs and MFRs
19 MCN 19 MOC Steelhead Overshoot Evaluation Operations
19 MCN 18 MOC ESBS brush control change
19 MCN 17 MOC - Wasco PUD at McNary requests early WA ladder outage_
19 MCN 16 MFR - Lamprey mortality
19 MCN 15 MFR Fish pump outage
19 MCN 14 Fish pump outage
19 MCN 13 MOC MCN Steelhead Overshoot Transducer install Revised 8719
19 MCN 12 MFR - Missed Index Sample
19 MCN 11 MFR - Missed Index Sample
19 MCN 10 MFR - Debris Spill
19 MCN 09 MFR Oregon count station window cleaner outage.
19 MCN 08 MOC Delay in TSW removal
19 MCN 07 MFR Spillbay 1 repair
19 MCN 06 MFR - Partially Missed Index Sample
19 MCN 05 MOC - Oregon ladder exit power outage
19 MCN 04 MFR - Sample Delay
19MCN03 MFR Oregon Fishway Delayed Operation
19 MCN 02 MFR SouthFishwayDewater
19MCN01 MFR ST morts WA SH dewatering

2018 MOCs and MFRs
18 MCN 10 MFR reduction in secondary bypass on July 23
18 MCN 09 MFR -Spill bay 20 closure
18 MCN 08 MFR-Emergency Debris Spill
18 MCN 07 MFR Outfall Avian sprinklers and Walkway Out of Service
18 MCN 06 MFR side brush and primary bypass
18 MCN 05 Delay in TSW closure
18 MCN 04 MFR Spillbay 1 Closure
18 MCN 03 MFR May Emergency debris spill
18 MCN 02 revised spill pattern final
18 MCN 01 OR exit lamprey mortality

2017 MOCs and MFRs
17 MCN 18 TSW operational configuration
17 MCN 17 Early ESBS removal_
17 MCN 16 MFR Aug 28 Emergency Debris Spill
17 MCN 15 MFR spillbay 2
17 MCN 14 MFR Sample delay
17 MCN 13 MFR Spillbay 20
17 MCN 12 MFR June 23 Emergency Debris Spill
17 MCN 11 Delay in TSW closure
17 MCN 10 McNary unit priority Final
17 MCN 09 MFR Emergency debris spill
17 MCN 08 MFR Unit Proirity Change
17 MCN 07 MFR emergency debris spill
17 MCN 06 Fish Pump 2 Testing Update 170720
17 MCN 05 MFR McNary FOGs final
17 MCN 04 McNary Oregon Ladder Lamprey Plating Removal
17 MCN 03 MFR OR Exit Screens
17 MCN 02 MFR McNary WA ladder grating
17 MCN 01 Trash Rack Raking McNary - January 2017 Revised

2016 MOCs and MFRs
16 MCN 015 MFR Oregon Ladder Picketed Lead Debris Blockage and Weir 338 Failure
16 MCN 014 McNary Fishway WA winter outages
16 MCN 013 MFR Adult Fish Loss tailwater log slots
16 MCN 12 MFR McNary Side Brush
16 MCN 11 EAL testing at McNary-final
16 MCN 10 MFR McNary Fish Pump 1 outage
16 MCN 09 TSW Removal UPDATE 09June2016
16 MCN 08 Debris Spill Notification
16MCN07 MFR attachment 1 clog material
16 MCN 07 MFR Fish Loss in B side
16 MCN 06 MFR Fish Loss in VBS Mesh
16 MCN 05 WASCO crane TSW notification
16 MCN 05 attachment 1 Diel Passage PIT Tag Graphs
16 MCN 05 attachment 2 JDA diel passage
16 MCN 04 MCN Fish Pump Outage Notification
16MCN03 MFR fish loss at JFF
16 MCN 02 Debris Spill Notification Update 21Mar16

2015 MOCs and MFRs

15MCN13 MFR fish pump 1 and 3 tripped offline

15MCN09 MFR Single Fish Pump Operation
15MCN08 MFR navlock mortality

15MCN05 MFR N PH Entrance Weir Malfunction

2014 MOCs and MFRs
14MCN29 MFR Fish Salvage Unit 11
14MCN28 MFR JCC in Emergency Bypass
14MCN27 Placing McNary Juvenile Collection Channel into Emergency Bypass

14MCN25 MFR Adult Steelhead Mortality

14MCN21 MFR Oregon shore fish count interruption
14MCN20 MFR Adult Fishway Pump Outage
14MCN19 MFR Oregon Shore Tainter Valve

14MCN17 MFR power interruptions at OR ladder exit
14MCN16 MFR Fish loss on MCN spillway deck
14MCN15 Control gate repair ORFL lamprey entrance structure
14MCN14 Oregon ladder orifice flow operations
14MCN13 Camera Inspection of LPS
14MCN12 MFR Interruption in Secondary Bypass
14MCN11 End of Spring Spill TSW Operations - cancelled
14MCN10 MFR Secondary Bypass Interrupted
14MCN09 Ops response to elevated descaling
14MCN08 MFR Loss of power to MCN fish pumps
14MCN07 MFR fish mortality secondary bypass line

14MCN05 Debris Spill Notification
14MCN04 MFR Fish morts - Oregon shore
14MCN03 Adult steelhead direct injury and survival through TSW and turbines
14MCN02 MFR Trash Rack Inspection
14MCN01 MFR adult outage schedule change

2013 MOCs and MFRs
13MCN21 MFR Fish Pump #1 failure
13MCN19 MFR MCN in Emergency Bypass
13MCN17 MFR Storm impacts to fishways
13MCN16 MFR Collection channel cleaning brush
13MCN15 headgates in SOG position extra days
13MCN14 MFR Switching from secondary to primary bypass during fish sample collection - 19 Jun 2013
13MCN13 MFR Fish loss in McNary Juvenile Fish Facility on June 19
13MCN12 RAS testing
13MCN11 Special Debris Spill Operations

13MCN09 MFR VBS trashrack mortalities
13MCN08 Special Turbine Operations for Debris Removal
13MCN07 MFR VBS cleaning

13MCN05 Washington Entrance Weir
13MCN04 Tilting Weir MFP

2012 MOCs and MFRs
12MCN09 Debris spill
12MCN08 Summer spill change
12MCN07 Forebay debris spill
12MCN06 Spillway avian issues
12MCN05 Avian Sprinkler repair
12MCN04 WASCO PUD diffuser repair
12MCN03 Washington Ladder Electrical Supply
12MCN02 PSMFC Oregon Ladder PIT tag detector
12MCN01 Line 1 and 2 outages

MFR 12MCN001
MFR 12MCN002
MFR 12MCN003 Power Failure at MCN JFF
MFR 12MCN004 MCN Debris Accumulation

2011 MOCs and MFRs
111117 MCN rectangular screen dewatering gear box
110913 MCN
110907 MCN debris primary
110903 MCN separator morts
110405 MCN rectangular screen dewatering motor
110203 MCN lamprey morts

2010 MOCs and MFRs
100510 MCN OR Ladder Screen Replacement
101215 MCN Juv Bypass Flume dewatering mort

2009 MOCs and MFRs

2008 MOCs and MFRs
081201 MCN spill gate check
081014 MCN fish pump outage
080408 MCN document