FPOM Meeting File - March 2018

08 March 2018 FPOM Files
180308 FPOM draft agenda
180308 FPOM final minutes
180308 FPOM audio file

08 March 2018 FPOM additional documents

FPOM FEB-MAR 2018 Transmission Outages 18JAN18
LWG-Operation and Outages for JBS and Turbines_2018
Composite Cooling Water Strainers Lamprey Counts

08 March 2018 FPOM draft MOCs for discussion
18BON02 MOC Lamprey Reduced Nighttime Flows
18BON03 MOC WA Shore Plunge Box Installation
18 MCN 001 OR exit lamprey mortality
18 LWG 01 MFR Fishway Outage for Leak Repair
18 DWR 01 MFR Loss of one adult fish in tailrace during Unit 2 testing

08 March 2018 FPP draft Change Form for discussion
18MCN003 - McNary 2018 ESBS Schedule

08 March 2018 FPOM Pinniped Task Group
FPOM Pinniped Task Group 2018 Agenda
180308 FPOM Pinniped Task Group final minutes
180308 FPOM Pinniped Task Group Audio file