FPOM Meeting File - April 2017

13 April 2017 FPOM Files

170413 FPOM draft agenda
170413 FPOM audio
170413 FPOM Final minutes

13 April 2017 FPOM additional documents
Cooling Water Strainers Lamprey Counts
IHR ventilator 6Apr17
IHR warehouse 6Apr17
IHR warehouse flooding
Issues with scroll case thermometers at MCN
MNR Pelicans 13Apr17

TDA BRZ Changes

Lower Columbia River Forebay Templines SOW Option 2 April 2017
13 April 2017 FPOM draft MOCs for discussion

17LWG02 MFR LWG Ladder Outage
17LGS03 spillbay 5 RTS delayed
17LGS04 MFR Adult Steelhead mortality
17LMN02 MFR Sturgeon Intake Rack
17 IHR 002 MFR Updated
17MCN05 McNary FOGs final

17JDA03 MFR Two Juvenile Lamprey Morts STS pit
17JDA04 MFR steelhead mort spillbay 20

17TDA09 MOC AWS Steel frame
17TDA10 MOC AWS Valve Room Demo
17TDA11 MFR AWS Parking Lot Backfill
17TDA12 MOC Fish Unit Breaker Outage Update
17TDA13 MFR Avian line install postponed
17TDA14 MFR Modification of the Spill Table
17TDA14 FPP17 TDA Spill Table
17TDA15 MOC AWS Concrete Demo

17BON05 MOC B2CC Closure Update
17BON06 MFR Avian line install
17BON07 PH2 FU1 forced OOS
17BON08 MFR Modification of the Spill Table
17BON08 FPP17 BON spill high Q table
17BON09 MFR CI subsidence

13 April 2017 FPP draft Change Form for discussion