FPOM Meeting File - March 2016

10 March 2016 FPOM Files

160310 FPOM draft agenda
160310 FPOM audio
160310 FPOM final meeting minutes

10 March 2016 FPOM additional documents

Cooling Water Strainers Lamprey counts
Alternate Approach to testing JDA screens at LWG Cfm_DB_AM_MF_4
An Alternative Approach JDA vs LWG screens Descaling

BON oil spill plan
TDA oil spill plan
JDA oil spill plan

UI Bonneville Floating Orifice Gate letter report July 2011
10 March 2016 FPOM draft MOCs for discussion
16JDA01 MOC Wing gate and weir removal from JDA-S
16JDA02 MOC JD-S operation and AWS turbine repair

16IHR001 North Fish Ladder Diffuser Intake Guide Slot Inspection
16 IHR 002 Fish ladder entrance gate calibration

10 March 2016 FPOM draft FPP Change Forms for discussion