FPOM Meeting File - August 2016

11 August 2016 FPOM Files

160811 FPOM draft agenda
160811 FPOM audio
160811 FPOM final meeting minutes

11 August 2016 FPOM additional documents

Cooling Water Strainers Lamprey counts
LWG JFF Work Windows and Outages
2016 Transport Data

160811 BPA outages

Erhardt and Tiffan 2016 Prawn Ecology.pdf
Tiffan and Hurst 2016 Feeding ecology of prawns
160811 Morrill - euthanizing Siberian Prawns
DeHart 16-023a_amended SCP

11 August 2016 FPOM draft MOCs for discussion

16BON93 MOC EAL testing at BON v2

16TDA08 MOC EAL testing at TDA v2
16TDA09 MOC powerhouse outage
16TDA10 MOC back up AWS

16MCN14 WA Fishway winter outages
16MCN14 tailrace powerpoint
160811 MCN MOC-revised commissioning schedule

16LWG10 JBS Phase 1 Upgrade Schedule Update
11 August 2016 FPOM draft FPP Change Forms for discussion

17BON003 Nighttime lamprey operations

11 August 2016 FPOM HAZMAT plan meeting

160811_HAZMAT TG

BON oil spill plan
2016 BON oil spill plan powerpoint
TDA oil spill plan
2016 TDA oil spill plan powerpoint
JDA oil spill plan
2016 JDA oil spill plan powerpoint