FPOM Meeting File - April 2016

14 April 2016 FPOM Files

160414 FPOM draft agenda
160414 FPOM audio
160414 FPOM draft meeting minutes - comments due by 6 May 2016

14 April 2016 FPOM additional documents

Cooling Water Strainers Lamprey counts
MAR - JUN 2016 Transmission Outages 20JAN16

LWG Unit 2 and 3 slot A gatewell dipping

15-mile creek 2015 report ODFW

160311 LGSsummer plan from IDFG
14 April 2016 FPOM draft MOCs for discussion
16BON10 MOC EAL testing U15

16TDA03 MOC EAL testing in Unit 1

16 MCN 03 MFR Fish Loss at McNary Juvenile Fish Facility

16IHR03 Unit 2 testing without STSs UPDATE 08 Apr 2016
16IHR04 GDACs testing

16 LGS 02 TSW Removal and ASW Installation
16LGS04 Little Goose Debris Spill
16LGS06 MFR Failure of spillbay 1 tainter brake
16LGS07 MFR Pipe Leak Delayed Juvenile Fish Collection
16LGS08 SW Change from High Crest to Low Crest Configuration

14 April 2016 FPOM draft FPP Change Forms for discussion