FPOM Meeting File - December 2014

18 December 2014 FPOM Files

141218 FPOM draft agenda
141218 FPOM audio
141218 FPOM final minutes
141218 FPOM attendees

18 December 2014 FPOM additional documents

Cooling Water Strainers Lamprey counts

2014-15 BON winter maintenance schedule
2014-15 TDA winter maintenance schedule
2014-15 JDA winter maintenance schedule
2014-15 NWW winter maintenance schedule

141218 CRITFC BON AFF Entrance and Exit monitors

141113 Wasco PUD Draft Upstream Passage Evaluation proposal

TDA-N fish count improvements powerpoint

MCN screen cleaner drawings

18 December 2014 MOCs/MFRs

14BON80 MFR BON November debris issues
14BON81 MFR BI Bridge overlay follow-on
14BON82 updated T11 outages for 2016
14BON83 WS Fish Viewing Building Roof repair
14TDA12 TDA-E dewatering morts
14TDA13 Back up AWS survey
14DWR01 U3 rehabilitation

18 December 2014 Noise/vibration task group documents

141218 Conder Noise and Vibration TG memo

18 December 2014 TDA adult spill task group documents