FPOM Meeting File - July 2013

11 July 2013 FPOM Files
130711 FPOM draft agenda
130711 FPOM Meeting Audio
130711 FPOM Final Minutes

11 July 2013 Additional Documents
NWW Cooling Water Strainers Lamprey Counts
2013 Updated Memo from WDFW to BON re: AFF
2013 CTUIR lamprey trapping spreadsheet
MCN RAS schedule
LWG gatwewell dipping 130702_2
LWG gatwewell dipping 130702_3

11 July 2013 DRAFT FPP Change forms
FPP 14 Schedule
14TDA002 ROV turbine units
14TDA003 Sluicegate move time limit

11 July 2013 MOCs and MFRs
13TDA06 T8 startup
13MCN12 RAS Testing updated
13IHR011 Line 1 disconnect maintenance
13IHR012 MU3 outage