FPOM Meeting Files - September 2012

13 September 2012 FPOM Files
120913 FPOM Final minutes
120913 FPOM Audio

13 September 2012 TDA Wasco PUD Documents
Proposed Turbine at TDA-N
120913 TDA PUD Second Turbine fish affect

13 September 2012 MOCs and MFRs
12MCN010 Removal of hyrdoacoustic transducers
12MCN011 Replacement of cranes 9 and 10
12LMN010 Unit 4_6 year RTS test
12LMN010 Unit 4_6 year RTS test schedule
2012 LMN Unit 4 overhaul

13 September 2012 Additional Documents
Cooling Water Strainers Lamprey Counts
CTUIR Lamprey trapping report
AQS20E AFS document
FPOM Avian Update
BON Fish Runs graph
TDA Fish Runs graph
JDA Fish Runs graph
Entire River Fish Runs graph
NWW Hydrofoil proposal for the B2CC