FPOM Meeting File - October and November 2011

01 November 2011 FPOM Files
111101 FPOM draft agenda
111101 FPOM Meeting part 1 Audio
111101 FPOM Meeting part 2 Audio
111101 FPOM Final Minutes

Dewatering Schedules
FY12 BON winter dewatering schedule
FY12 TDA winter dewatering schedule
FY12 TDA unit outage schedule
FY12 JDA winter dewatering schedule
FY12 NWW winter dewatering schedule

11 Oct/Nov 2011 FPOM Additional Documents
Cooling Water Strainers Lamprey Counts
111103 BON B-Branch repairs photo
2011 TDA-N passage v spill
111101 TDA-N passage graph
JDA navlock test plan
JDA navlock test info
JDA Avian lines
2011 CTUIR lamprey brood collection report

11 Oct/Nov 2011 MOCs and MFRs Discussed
12MCN003 Winter Emergency Bypass Procedures 12LMN004 RSW O&M procedures
LMN Bypass Work platform