NOAA: Paul Wagner / Claire McGrath / Trevor Conder USFWS: David Swank / Steve Haeseker
OR: Erick Van Dyke ID: Jonathan Ebel
WA: Charles Morrill MT: Jim Litchfield / Brian Marotz
Kootenai: Sue Ireland / Billy Barquin Spokane: Brent Nichols / Andy Miller
Colville: Sheri Sears Nez Perce: Jay Hesse
Umatilla: Tom Lorz (CRITFC) Warm Springs: Jen Graham / Bobby Brunoe
BOR: Joel Fenolio / Chris Runyan BPA: Tony Norris / Scott Bettin / Eve James
COE: Doug Baus / Julie Ammann / Lisa Wright


Wednesday, March 18, 2020   9:00am - 12:00pm

Conference Call
*Please make sure to mute your line when not speaking to avoid disruptions on the phone.
Phone #: 877-336-1274
Access Code: 3871669
Security Code: 7854
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WebEx Meeting

All members are encouraged to call the facilitation team with any issues or concerns they would like to see addressed, at (503) 248-4703, or via email to:
Emily Stranz

For information on discussions and decisions made at TMT, please refer to the Minutes and Agenda item links.
Operational decisions made outside of TMT meetings will be reported on at the next scheduled meeting, and/or linked to the Agenda of the meeting it was discussed as soon as reasonably possible.


  1. Water Supply Forecasts. Joel Fenolio - Reclamation; Lisa Wright - Corps NWD
    1. Official March Water Supply Forecasts
    2. Current NWRFC Water Supply Forecast - The Dalles Dam
    3. Current NWRFC Water Supply Forecast - Lower Granite Dam
    4. NWRFC Monthly Precipitation Table
    5. NWRFC Climate Forecast

  2. Dworshak Outflow Request for Hatchery Release. Jay Hesse - Nez Perce Tribe; Jonathan Ebel - IDFG; Jon Roberts - Corps NWW
    1. Hatchery Release Plans
    2. RFC 10-Day Dworshak Inflow Forecast
    3. NWW Dworshak Elevation ESP Analysis

  3. Chum Incubation Operation. Lisa Wright - Corps NWD; Tony Norris - Bonneville Power
    1. TMT-Coordinated Chum Incubation Operation (December 18, 2019)
    2. BON Hourly Data
    3. RFC Bonneville Dam 10-Day Inflow Forecast

  4. Spill Priority List. Dan Turner - Corps NWD
    1. Spill Priority List, March 23-31
    2. Spill Priority List, April 1 - June 21

  5. Operations Review
    1. Reservoirs - Reclamation, Corps
    2. Water Quality - Corps
    3. Fish - NOAA Fisheries
    4. Power System - BPA

  6. Set agenda and date for next meeting - March 25, 2020 - Conference Call
    1. Calendar 2020

Questions about the meeting may be referred to:
Doug Baus at (503) 808-3995