NOAA: Paul Wagner / Trevor Conder USFWS: David Swank / Steve Haeseker
OR: Erick Van Dyke ID: Russ Kiefer / Pete Hassemer
WA: Charles Morrill MT: Jim Litchfield / Brian Marotz
Kootenai: Sue Ireland / Billy Barquin Spokane: Brent Nichols / Andy Miller
Colville: Sheri Sears / Keith Wolf Nez Perce: Dave Statler
Umatilla: Tom Lorz (CRITFC) Warm Springs: Jen Graham / Bobby Brunoe
BOR: Mary Mellema / John Roache BPA: Tony Norris / Scott Bettin / Eve James
COE: Doug Baus / Karl Kanbergs / Lisa Wright


Technical Management Team
Annual Review of Lessons Learned - 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Ambridge Event Center - Marquam Room
1333 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Portland, Oregon, 97232
Map & Directions
Parking available between NE Clackamas and Wasco Streets


The timing of agenda items are offered as a guide for the day. Depending on information presented and group dynamics it may compress or expand.

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for TMT members and other interested parties to step out of the regular meeting format and review the management decisions and operations of the 2016 season in order to learn lessons that can enhance choices and decision-making for 2017.

Format: Each presenter will be asked to allow approximately 50% of their time for participant Q&A.

9:00   Welcome and get settled - DS Consulting Facilitation Team
  • Introductions
  • Review agenda
  • Discussion protocols
  • 9:20   Conditions Review
  • Columbia River Basin 2016 Water Year Review - Kevin Berghoff, NWRFC (30 minutes)
  • 9:50   Review of 2016 Fish Passage

  • 2016 Smolt Monitoring Program Juvenile Passage Data and Noteworthy Events - Brandon Chockley, Fish Passage Center (20 minutes)
  • Smolt Survival and Transportation - Steve Smith, NOAA Fisheries - Science Center (40 minutes)
  • 10:50   Break

    11:05   Continue Review of 2016 Fish Passage

  • Sockeye conversion and passage part 1 - Russ Kiefer, State of Idaho (30 minutes)
  • Sockeye conversion and passage part 2 - Russ Kiefer, State of Idaho (30 minutes)
  • 11:35   Small Group Discussion

  • What lessons can we take away from this season to inform future management?
  • Was there anything that stands out?
  • 12:10   Lunch

    1:10   Lower Snake Upgrades and Operations

  • Lower Granite and Little Goose Fish Ladder Temperature Improvement Systems - Ann Setter, Corps - NWW (20 minutes)
  • Fish Passage Center Adult Ladder Water Temperature Graph - Brandon Chockley, Fish Passage Center (20 minutes)
  • Dworshak Reservoir Regulation Water Year 2016 - Steve Hall, Corps - NWW (20 minutes)
  • 2:10   Break

    2:30    Upper Basin Upgrades and Operations

  • Grand Coulee Operations Review - 2016 - Mary Mellema, BOR (20 minutes)
  • Coordinating variable water supplies among headwater reservoirs to optimize basin-wide fisheries and flood management and; summary of Libby operations study - Brian Marotz, MT (25 minutes)
  • Libby sturgeon operation - David Swank, USFWS (15 minutes)
  • 3:30   Looking Ahead - Large Group Reflection

  • As a group, reflect on the last year of TMT conversations, coordination, operations, and outcomes. What did TMT do well? What would you like to do differently next year?
  • 4:00   Adjourn